Are Apple Passbook driving licences on the way?

Drivers in the UK using iPhones may soon be able to leave their driving licence at home and store it in Apple’s Passbook instead.

The work-in-progress development – to store licence information digitally in the iPhone’s virtual wallet – was tweeted by the CEO of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

“So here’s a little prototype of something we’re working on,” chief exec Oliver Morley said, showing a screenshot of an iPhone with the Passbook screen open, and a UK driver’s license.

Passbook is Apple’s attempt to create a virtual wallet. While it’s most commonly associated now with Apple Pay, it can also be used to store digital versions of loyalty and membership cards and tickets.

Details of a release date or what this actually means are lacking, but it may mean you could leave the physical card at home and access its details through the iPhone. It isn’t yet known if presenting the virtual version to police or other agencies would be considered just as acceptable as offering up its original equivalent or if it means the ability to link to driving records.

Many of us have already stripped our wallets of many payment and loyalty cards, since our phones can do it all, and the prospect of getting rid of another physical object to carry or loose must be a tempting one.