Goodyear’s future tyre for autonomous cars

Goodyear re-invents the wheel with eagle 360 concept tyres designed for autonomous cars.

Goodyear imagine the future tyre could be a sphere connected to the car by magnetic levitation and can adapt for different weather conditions. These tyres could allow the car to drive sideways to make parallel parking even easier.  This is a concept that could “literally reshape the future for autonomous cars,” according to Goodyear.

When the tyre is a sphere, it’s maneuverable in all directions. Where a handful of cars steer the rear wheels a couple of degrees to improve cornering and lane changes, the Eagle-360 could stop then drive sideways into a parking lot or parking space. There’d be no such thing as excess tread wear on some parts of the tire, because sensors would continually rotate the tyre’s orientation (just not at highway speeds) to equalise wear.


The embedded sensors of the ‘eagle-360’ further increase safety by communicating road and weather conditions to the vehicle’s control system and other nearby cars.

All this hinges on magnetic levitation: The tyres would not touch the car. Instead, they’d be suspended via magnetic levitation. The maglev feature then would be the car’s suspension, steering gear, and propulsion.