Winter Tyres Cheaper & Safer Than 4×4

Winter tyres have attracted a growing amount of attention over recent years and its something that we have focused some attention on here at DriveStart too (see the article from November). This week, AutoCar have carried out an interesting test to look at the relative merits of winter tyres as opposed to a full four wheel drive set-up. By taking two otherwise identical Skoda Yetis and running them through a series of tests you get to see the relative benefits of winter tyres and four wheel drive.

The startling result is that the braking test shows a huge differential and its not being in a 4×4 that is most help to the driver; the winter tyres helping you to stop much more quickly. So overall the best way to stay safe in the snow might not be to go and spend everything you have on a 4×4, rather make a more reasonable investment in a set of winter tyres.

You can watch the Autocar video in full below: