Unlocking your car with an iPhone

Apple have filed a patent that could allow them to develop a new feature for the iPhone which would allow users to unlock their car from their phone. The patent also refers to features that will allow users to start the engine as they enter the car, customise personalised car settings, and even shut off engines during specific times via Bluetooth.

However, Apple has reportedly applied for several patents out of which only a few end up in production, as most of the patents are filed to stop competitors from using the technology. German car maker BMW has also introduced a technology with similar function, but recently a bug was discovered in the software which meant that unauthorised users could hack into the car, reported Business Insider.

It definitely feels like this is the way that the market is heading – the days of fumbling around your pocket or bag for your keys certainly seems to slowly coming to an end. With technology evolving, keyless cars are getting more popular. Both of these ideas aren’t without their problems though.

The amount of keyless cars that are being stolen has risen dramatically over the last year or so, highlighting the challenges that need to be overcome by manufactures.

Every mobile phone owner and in particular iPhone owners have experienced times where your battery has died, and If you’re not carrying a spare key, users could be stranded with no transportation and no way to contact assistance. That kind of problem suggests that even if Apple does follow up this patent, any commercial application is still some way off.