Geneva 2014: Renault Twingo, Vauxhall Adam, Mazda Hazumi

More news today from the Geneva motor show as Renault finally releases the information for the forthcoming Renault Twingo. There still isn’t much information surrounding what engine offerings this car will actually come with, but it’s rumoured that there will be a choice between 2 different 3 cylinder petrol engines, one of which most likely being the 900cc Tce jobby out of the current Clio. Whatever it may be, this car has been put together with collaboration from Mercedes-Benz, seeing another joint venture between the two motoring giants. And this can only be a good thing for Renault, as hopefully it will put to rest the old feelings about them and their reliability.


What we have been able to see, is what the interior looks like. The Twingo’s been given a nice new plush steering wheel, which looks oddly large for the car. The instrument cluster on the dashboard has been kept simple and is similar in arrangement to the new Clio, if somewhat more simplified & basic in appearance. You might recognise a fair few bits and bobs from the Renault parts bin, but altogether it seems well thought out, but is it nicer than it’s predecessor? It’s certainly more grown up, but this isn’t a very grown up car, it’s something that’s clearly built for fun; So this interior just feels a little bland.

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Meanwhile, over at the Vauxhall stand, they have announced two new versions of the Adam, which will go on sale later this year. The sporty ‘S’ will have a 1.4litre 3 cylinder turbo charged engine that will put out around 148 horses. It comes with Recarco sports seats and a more aggressive body kit, including spoiler, VXR Braking system as well as a ‘performance chassis’. This version will only be available with the ‘red ‘n roll’ theme. Part of Vauxhalls utterly ridiculous names for their more personalised colour options. Basically it means that you’ll get red leather on the wheel, gaiter, door cards and seats. So if you’re not a fan of red, then you’re pretty much outta luck with this one.

Capture1 Capture2

Finally Mazda have revealed their latest concept car (The Hazumi) which hints at how the next Mazda 2 will look when it’s launched sometime in 2014. Personally I think it looks fantastic. You know it’s got fantastic breeding, as it’s based on the current ford fiesta, which is Britain’s top selling car. So you get all the comfort of owning a ford, with those looks! Count me in.

No word on what the level of tech is likely to be, or what range of engines will be available, as Mazda tend to do things a little differently with the latter.