First Look: Citroen DS2

I may be a little biased, but I’m a big fan of PSA’s (Peugeot/Citroen) work in the past few years.

My first car was a no frills Citroen AX, and maybe as they say, like your first love you never forget your first car. But I can tell you now, I’ve never owned another car since that was as fun. That’s the charm that little French cars have. They know how to have a good time.

Yes, so they’re not always renowned for their build quality, but that’s where PSA is really making strides ahead, Citroen especially has a cracking range of vehicles, all of which are competitively priced.
My little AX was later replaced by Citroen in the form of the Saxo (Peugeot 106) and then the C2, which incidentally enough was also the car I learned to drive in. Production of the C2 stopped in 2009, and soon after you could buy the DS3. Heralded as its ‘replacement’, it was technically a class up in the larger ‘C’ band market along with the C3 and likes of.

Citroen was always well known for their off the wall design and features, like dashboard mounted push button brakes, spinning disk speedometers and ‘Jetsons’ space-age design. But they’re also to some extent less well known for their innovations, such as adjustable pneumatic suspension, self-adjusting cornering lights and the modern day gearbox.

Citroen in my opinion lost their ‘je ne sais quoi’ and went through a rough patch of bland design and uninspiring cars throughout the 90’s and 00’s. That was until they brought back the DS badge, and now every single one of their cars is visually stunning, with the build quality and performance to match.

The latest edition is the soon to be DS2, which will be released some time later next year (2014). What can I say other than, it looks fantastic. With its chubby snub nose face, flared wheel arches and swooping tail, every line on this car has been carefully thought out.



Rather than looking for space age-design, Citroen seems to have gone retro, making it look more reminiscent of a 1940’s Dragster. For those who remember Chrysler’s pitiful attempt at this before with the PT cruiser, we have really high hopes for this new baby Citroen.

Or perhaps are they looking backwards to their own history and taking design ques from the Citroen Dyane or 2CV. We’ve had a replacement for the Mini, Beetle and Fiat 500 already, so why shouldn’t Citroen resurrect the 2CV.


All we know so far is that it’s based on the same floor plan as the new Peugeot 208 and will most likely have the same range of engines as the current DS3, with the exception of the beastly 155bhp 1.6 THP.

Hopefully we’ll know more following the Frankfurt Motor show later this year. For now, we’ll just have to wait with bated breath.