BMW designs Panda car for 2025

Apparently the current 5-Series is just not up to the job because crucially it can’t fly and it can’t send remote drones to catch criminals. BMW thankfully have addressed this by showing a design idea for future patrol vehicles on the road in 2025.

The vehicle which is called the ‘ePatrol vision’ is based on a modular structure which was inspired by the relationship between a police officer and his dog. Sadly this does not mean it will bite drug dealers on the arse or take a dump in the back of an Astra Van.

What it will mean is that the main structure can deploy three drones, one of which called the FPU (Flying Pursuit Unit) can fly and relay back information to the police officer sitting in the main structure of the vehicle under pursuit. It will also provide some of the best footage for World’s Wildest Police Videos prior to the added narration by Sheriff John Bunnell.

Two other drones that are wheel based are called the APU (Advanced Patrol Unit) which is equipped with a bulletproof cover and an enegy recovery system to provide energy to its own independent engine. The cool bit? It has an EMP generator that can be fired at vehicles to disable them.

The outer body of the vehicle is covered in a ‘skin energy recovery system’ which takes the energy from the heat of the road to power the vehicle. Obviously this vehicle has been designed with the California Highway Patrol in mind as here in the UK I doubt it would be getting very far powered by warm tarmac.

While it’s a cool concept here in the UK patrol cars have become much less cool over the same period of time as evidenced in a quick bit of Vauxhall Senator 3.0 24v vs Vauxhall Vectra 1.9d Top Trumps.


Engine: 3.0, 24v straight six. RWD.

Power: 201bhp

0-60: 7.0 seconds

Top Speed: 147mph


Engine: 1.9 diesel  FWD

Power: 147hp

0-60:  10.2 seconds

Top Speed: 130mph